• Learn about Korean history and culture from prominent scholars
  • Experience delicious traditional foods, music & performances
  • Learn how the new History-Social Science Framework includes Korean history, culture, and Korean American history
  • Receive free books, DVDs, K-12 standards-based lessons and PowerPoint lectures
  • Network with educators from all over the country
    View films that can be shared with all your students
  • Teaching opportunities in Korea
  • Deepen your understanding of Korean American students and their families

One Salary Points available to LAUSD teachers.



Seminar space is limited so we may better serve you! Out of town/state educators may apply for our Fellowship Program to cover travel and hotel costs.

Contact: Daniel Lee at [email protected]

Where: The USC Campus

Time: 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Included: (For out of town and state educators, travel, hotel and meals included.)

Download Application Forms to Register:

[LA Based Teachers May Still Apply Here]

[Out of Town Educators Apply Here]

What teachers are sayingvideo

The seminar was excellent. The organization and continuity were first class. It is obvious that hundreds of hours of preparation were necessary to implement the seminar. I feel privileged to have participated in this event." (Beverly Hills High School)

This was an extremely well-organized seminar. Every aspect was very appropriate, carefully considered, and executed masterfully. I thoroughly enjoyed every presentation and activity.

Thank you so very much for this marvelous experience. I’m only sorry it was just a week long. Not only have I learned and come to a greater appreciation of the Korean culture and history, but I have been given a wealth of available resources from which to draw from and share with others." (La Canada Teacher)

This was an amazing experience! I came into this week with definite expectations and this seminar more than surpassed them all tenfold!

The staff here at the Korean Cultural Center has been so helpful and accommodating. Everything was done so well. It was extremely well organized, followed the schedule, and kept to the time frame better than any seminar I have ever attended. I wanted each segment and speaker to go on longer…that is a testament to each speaker’s abilities. I will encourage every teacher I know to take this class and to visit the Korean Cultural Center for more information and a place to study." (Los Angeles Unified School District)

This extraordinary seminar on Korean culture and history will certainly enhance my teaching of my Korean American students and improve cultural understanding.

Having a better understanding of the cultural context of my students’ lives, and the Korean American immigrant experience, will help me in my efforts to meet their academic, social and emotional needs and to be a resource for all of the other teachers in my school…I will be able to incorporate Korean art, history, and culture into my regular lessons, which will also help to build improved cultural understanding among all my diverse students. This seminar has truly provided me with the tools and resources I need to augment my teaching." (South Pasadena)

The amount of time and effort in organizing this amazing week was seen in the intricate planning of each day. I cannot begin to describe how much this seminar has influenced my knowledge and attitudes towards Korean culture and people.

I came to the class wanting to grow as a citizen of the world and I contribute my personal growth to each and every person who worked on putting this event together. Before this week I was rich in terms of the numbers of Korean students in my classroom; now I am enriched with my knowledge of the Korean culture." (Glendale Teacher)

The seminar is one of the most exciting, broadening experiences of my teaching career. If teachers are aware of this, applications will pour in. The format is excellent; everything was done with everyone’s heart in it. I am leaving this afternoon with Korea in my heart. Thank you.” (Anonymous)

Thanks again for such a phenomenal week of learning and exposure to the Korean community in LA. I had a fantastic experience and have been talking about it all weekend to friends and family." (Anonymous)

I must stay that this has been the most informative, satisfying seminar I have attended during my 31 years of teaching. Thank you so much for including me in this experience." (Anonymous)

I realize that understanding my own Korean heritage and knowing where I come from will help me to reach out to my Korean American students more…“This experience was so deeply moving. I feel that I’ve gotten to reorganize my own experience as a Korean American and reevaluate the values and ideas surrounding me as a Korean American teaching young Korean Americans." (Anonymous)

I loved the seminar! Although I am a KA, and I have background curricular information on Korean and culture, I feel I have learned a lot and renewed my love and commitment to preserve my culture and heritage. Thank you for reminding me once again how much I love my motherland, my heritage, my past. It’s so exciting to see so many non-Korean teachers participate and grow in their awareness of Korean culture and experience…Thanks for the many great activities that will only work to enhance my Korean culture curriculum and also thanks for inviting Helie Lee to this seminar as well. She is an inspiration to all women and her book and story touched my heart. I am so happy to have gotten to know her." (Anonymous)

Thank you again for including me in your amazing seminar. I was so pleased to get all the materials and join in the lectures and activities….” (Her husband videotaped the November 5, 2005 workshop and will create a DVD for recruitment and fundraising purposes) (Anonymous)

The accommodations and staff were ideal. The Center’s accessible location – close to LACMA and Koreatown – enriched the seminar as we weren’t sitting in a conference room all week. As the Center is in my neighborhood, I’ve always been intrigued but was unaware that it housed art exhibits and was open to the general public. I am excited to share my knowledge of this neighborhood resource with neighbors and friends." (Anonymous)

Thank you for this wonderful and informational seminar. When I first heard about it, I thought it was too good to be true. There is a huge “cultural gap” in the knowledge of teachers about Korea compared to other Asian nations. This is definitely bridging the gap. It’s not that teachers don’t want to learn about Korean American history, it’s just that they don’t have the resources." (Anonymous)

The seminar was very enlightening as I am a second generation Korean American of Helie’s age. I have so many friends who have lost their heritage and identity and I wish they could have had this privilege of learning about their rich cultural heritage….This has been one of the most informative, practical and enjoyable professional developments I have ever attended and I thank you for your thought, care and hard work." (Anonymous)

I have been provided with enough information/resources/support to implement at least 1-2 very good lessons about Korea." (Anonymous)

Thank you for providing such an enlightening program. I gained insight into the Korean culture and will have a better understanding of my students and with the materials I received today, I will be able to provide better lessons." (Anonymous)

All in all, a very good workshop. It’s hard to find workshops that captivate the audience all day. Thank you.” “Excellent introduction to Korean culture. Very well organized, good balance of speakers, well thought out. The day simply flew by! Great job!" (Anonymous)

So well organized; excellent use of our time. I appreciate the organization and respect of our time. It was a wonderful experience. The diversity in topics wasgreat too. Wonderful presenters." (Anonymous)

This has been one of the best workshops I’ve been to. It was totally worth giving up a Saturday for." (Anonymous)