The Korea Academy for Educators &
the Korean Cultural Center, LA
Saturdays: January 16th and 30th, 2010
(9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.)

Announce a Free Workshop on Korea for K-12 Administrators and Teachers
Location: Korean Cultural Center, 5505 Wilshire Blvd (just west of La Brea), LA


  • Realize a unique opportunity to learn about Korean history and culture
  • Receive free books, DVDs, K-12 Standards-based lessons and 20 PowerPoint lectures
  • Learn how the New History-Social Science Framework includes Korean history and culture and Korean American history
  • Examine Social Science and Language Arts lessons for elementary and secondary classrooms
  • Become aware of Korean poetry (sijo), short stories, and outstanding Korean American literature
  • View segments of Fifty Wonders of Korea and learn about some of the great achievements of Korean art and architecture. Everyone will receive this DVD.
  • View PowerPoint lectures for K-12 students
  • Learn about films that are readily available (and inexpensive) to bring into the classroom
  • Deepen your understanding of Korean American students and their families
  • Enjoy a delicious Korean lunch, create rhythmic sounds on Korean drums, perform taekwondo techniques, witness a beautiful traditional tea ceremony, and receive door prizes

Workshops are free, but there is a $50 refundable deposit (payable to KAFE). Checks will be returned January 30th. Workshops include breakfast, lunch, parking, books, lessons, and DVDs. For LAUSD salary point credit, write check for $20 to Mary Connor before or when you complete the required homework. Contact Mary Connor at .

Instructors: David Kang (Dir.Korean Studies Institute, USC), Dong Suk Kim (Ethnomusicology, UCLA), Edward Park (Dir., Asian Pacific American Studies, Loyola Marymount), Jung Hae Kim (Principal, Wilton Place Elementary), Sung Kim (Cahuenga Elementary, Assistant Program Director), Tae/ Jennifer Lee (martial artists), Helie Lee (author, screenwriter) and Mary Connor (Organization of American Historians Award and Peace Corps Association Global Educator Award). Over 1,600 educators from 52 public school districts and 35 independent schools have attended our programs from 18 states and Washington, D.C. Learn more information on our website: Registration deadline January 14th or when 50 have signed up.

Korean History & Culture and the Korean American Experience Seventh Annual Seminar for K-12 Educators Sponsored by the Korea Academy for Educators and the Korean Cultural Center 5505 Wilshire, Los Angeles, California August 2-6, 2010

Educators of all disciplines and grade levels are welcome. This five-day seminar - limited to sixty-five elementary, middle and high school administrators, teachers, counselors, librarians, administrators, and curricular supervisors - offers a unique opportunity to learn about Korea’s history and rich culture, the Korean-American experience, and provides outstanding resources and lessons. Participants learn from prominent scholars, view engaging and informative films, explore Koreatown (savoring food from one of its best restaurants), visit a Buddhist temple, view exquisite art, hear the unique sounds of Korean music (with a lesson on the Chango drum), observe traditional dances and tea ceremony, learn the theory and experience the practice of martial arts, and create art that reflects ancient tradition. The program also includes daily breakfast/lunch, parking, books, lessons, DVDs, and a guarantee of a good time!

Participants also become familiar with the Korean Cultural Center’s extensive library and video collection, its galleries of traditional and modern art, varied programs (including classes in the Korean language), and exceptional cultural performances. Participants become more knowledgeable about Korea and its ancient heritage and more effective in meeting the needs of Korean-American students and their families. They receive materials (many free books, 20 PowerPoint slide lessons, DVDs, Standards-based lessons for K-12 classes, and extensive classroom resources) and information about fellowship opportunities to study and travel in Korea.

Registration: There is a $75 refundable deposit (returned on the last day of the seminar) - write checks payable to KAFE. The application, the required deposit, and the date of receipt will determine acceptance in this program. Four units of credit (quarter system) will be available from UCLA Extension. Teachers, who complete requirements and write an additional check for $175 check - payable to The Regents of UC - by July 1st, will receive a $100 refund after attending the seminar. Fellowships will be available for teachers who live more than 60 miles from Los Angeles and will include airfare, a hotel stay in Koreatown, and $150 to cover additional expenses. Fellowship applications will be available in January 2010. E-mail all inquiries to Mary Connor, KAFE President after January l, 2010. ().

Speakers: Mark Peterson (Chair, Korean Studies, Brigham Young University), Gi-Wook Shin (Director, Korean Studies, Stanford), Edward Park (Director, Asian Pacific American Studies, Loyola Marymount), Dong Suk Kim (Music, UCLA), Jung Hae Kim (Principal, Wilton Place Elementary School), Helie Lee (author, screenwriter, and co-founder of KAFE), Meher McArthur (Asian art curator, author and educator), Kee Soon Sung (folk artist and President of the Korean Folk Painting Association of America), Sung Kim (Dual Language Teacher and Co-Director) and Mary Connor (Program Director, co-founder of KAFE, recipient of the Pre-Collegiate Tachau Organization of American Historians, and Peace Corps Global Educator Awards).

Sponsors: The Korean Cultural Center, and the Korea Academy for Educators (KAFE), a 501(c) (3) non profit organization.

Please view our website:, especially the 4 minute DVD.

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